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Loading Arms for Tank Truck & Rail Car Bulk Liquid Transfer

Engineered for Operator Safety, Ease of Operation and a Long Life Span

GREEN offers a complete line of Loading Arms and Accessories for bulk chemical loading operations in both Tank Truck and Railcar applications.

All GREEN loading arms are engineered for operator safety, ease of operation, and for your specific application.

Quality construction, timely delivery, and start-to-finish customer support are just some of the reasons to make GREEN your only source for all your Loading Arms needs.

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Tank Truck & Rail Car Loading Arms - Specifications

GREEN Loading Arms have many unique features:
• Complete line of Loading Arms and accessories for both Tank Truck and Railcar applications
• API Couplings available
• Top and Bottom Loading Arms
• Available with Loading Arm supports
• Integration with any new or existing Loading Rack / Platform!

Rail Car Loading Arms
• Top or bottom loading
• Supported or unsupported boom arms, fixed or variable reach
• Bypass and wash arms

Tank Truck Loading Arms
• Single-arm loaders
• Gangway / safety cage integration
• Swiveling boom arms available

GREEN designs and custom-builds bulk fluid transfer systems that meet even the most challenging requirements.

Our engineering team has over 150 years of combined experience and utilizes state-of-the-art CAD software.

What is a Loading Arm?

Loading Arms are best defined as an easily positioned mechanisms which allows for the easy transfer of liquid(s) from one tank to another.

A common example of a Loading Arm is how crude oil or gasoline is loaded onto tanker trucks or rail cars. The tank truck or rail car gets positioned near the main oil holding tank. A Loading Arm is used to easily connect to the inlet of the tanker truck or rail car. The liquid (oil in this case) is pumped from the main oil holding tank through the Loading Arm and into the tanker. What makes Loading Arms unique is their internal pipe system consisting of rigid piping and swivel joints. This setup allows the Loading Arm to be easily moved into position so that the liquid transfer can begin. Once in position the Loading Arm will stay there until filling is complete. It can then be easily moved out of the way in order to stay clear of moving vehicles and workers. Loading Arms never leak at the joints and can quickly transfer large amounts of liquid, making the filling of tank trucks and rail cars fast, easy and safe.

Different liquid chemicals can cause corrosion of certain materials. Therefore, Loading Arms are sometimes custom made from special materials, materials that will not be affected by the chemical flowing through it.

At GREEN Access & Fall Protection we specialize in Tanker Truck and Railcar Solutions. Loading Arms are often integrated into many of these solution. Contact us today to get more information or use our online quote request form to request a call back.

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Integrating Loading Arms into Safe Access & Fall Protection Solutions GREEN Tank Truck & Railcar Loading Arms GREEN Tank Truck & Railcar Loading Arms GREEN Tank Truck & Railcar Loading Arms

GREEN Liquid Transfer Loading Arms make transfer of liquid loads (often fuel) from location to vehicle(s) very easy.
We will customize a solution for your facility.

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