nothing happens until something happens

There is one thing I have learned over the last 15+ years of helping companies with safe access and fall protection solutions - nothing happens until something happens. While that might sound counterintuitive, it simply means that companies often become very comfortable with the status quo. Things stay the same as long as no one gets hurt or the incident rate is within reason. All too often, companies start looking for solutions to their safe access and fall protection needs when an event occurs that causes an injury, the incident rate increases outside expectable guidelines, or when regulations change. This is especially true during economic downtimes

Operating a business is much like firefighting. Most days involve constant attention to numerous issues to keep the wheels moving. All the factors and considerations leaders and executives need to keep well-oiled and moving to achieve success appear urgent, keeping their attention on the companies’ operations and not necessarily on safety concerns. Don’t misunderstand. There are a few leading companies that drive change throughout their industries. These companies are always looking for a better way to ensure safety. Industry leaders have detailed long-term action plans for equipment upgrades, training, and routine maintenance. They push for improvement during up-times and downtimes. It’s part of their culture.

A recent article in BIC Magazine The top 10 OSHA safety credentials to keep your workers safe speaks to the very issue. The article points out the advantage of a proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach, to managing workplace safety and health standards and bringing several additional benefits for businesses. The article also lists The 10 most-cited OSHA violations for Fiscal Year 2022Fall Protection – General Requirements remains at the top of the list for the 12th year in a row, followed by Hazard Communication and Respiratory Protection. OSHA’s fiscal year ends Sept. 30. (2022 National Safety Council)

Which company are you?

I believe every company can be one of those leaders in their industry. It all starts with a conversation – Other companies like yours come to Benko Products looking for help on how to minimize risks their operators are exposed to when working on top of rail cars and trucks.

Can you take 10 minutes to explore and see why those companies come to us? I invite you to take that first step away from complacency. It would only make sense to continue if you can see how a potential change might benefit you or an opportunity for your company to learn more. Let’s talk and decide if we should continue and if it’s okay to say “no.”

Christopher Roark is the International Sales Manager for GREEN Access & Fall Production, a division of Benko Products, Inc. He can be reached at 919-670-6266 or cjroark -at- benkoproductions -dot- com GREEN Access & Fall Protection has been a trusted leader in safety equipment for over 50 years, designing and building the industry’s leading access and fall protection equipment for trucks, railcars, and other industrial needs. For more information on GREEN Access & Fall Protection, please visit