Partners In Success: A conversation with Brian Fremo from Westmor Industries

Brian Fremo, of Westmor Industries was kind enough to spend some time chatting about his relationship with Benko Products and their Green Access and Fall Protection line.

Westmor Industries is made up of three divisions, Truck & Trailer, Fluid Solutions and Field Service that manufactures a full line of petroleum and liquid handling parts and equipment throughout 9 locations.

How long have you worked with Benko Products?

Brian Fremo: “We started in 2013, at that time we made our own gangways but wanted to outsource gangway production”

Why did you choose to work with Benko Products?

Brian Fremo: “We had seen their products in the field and knew they made very high quality fall protections solutions, when we got pricing we realized that Benko Products provides a great bang for our buck”

Who do you work with at Benko?

Brian Fremo: “Over the years I have developed a great relationship with Doug Ingram, he really provides outstanding personal service and is very accessible”

Thanks for your time Brian!

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