Custom Safe Access & Fall Protection for Railcar Applications


Sheffield Village, OH – February 2020 — GREEN Access & Fall Protection, a division of Benko Products, Inc. – a manufacturer and innovator in truck and railcar loading safety equipment - custom-designed a foundationless railcar platform to fill a customer’s specifications.


A recent client reached out to GREEN Access & Fall Protection requesting help with their railcar loading process. The current application had their operators climbing the side of liquid rail cars while carrying tools needed to open the manways. These liquid rail cars remained coupled together make spotting the railcar difficult for the local railroad. A typical safety cage solution was not ideal for this application due to different sizes and confirmation of the crashboxes on top of the railcars. Plus, the spacing between rail car constantly through-off the alignment of the railcars.

Custom Safe Access & Fall Protection for Railcar Applications

The engineers came up with a brilliant solution.

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