Complex Integrated Railcar & Truck Loading System


Sheffield Village, OH – February 2020 — GREEN Access & Fall Protection, a division of Benko Products, Inc. – a manufacturer and innovator in truck and railcar loading safety equipment - Custom-designed a complex rail and truck loading system for a client in TX.

GREEN Access & Fall Protection, a division of Benko Products, Inc. recently completed a complex integrated railcar and truck loading system for a major chemical client in Chocolate Bayou, TX. The client sought out a manufacturer who had strong vendor partnerships and was capable of overseeing and managing the entire rail loading rack and truck loading project. After numerous engineering hours developing the appropriate solution for the client, Benko Products was awarded the contract.

Complex Integrated Railcar & Truck Loading System

The client wanted the ability to load multiple, compatible products from each loading spot. A product selector arm, spring-balanced and articulated for ease of use, was designed so that operators could easily move between different product feed lines, depending on what the customer had ordered to be loaded into the rail car.

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