Custom Designed Foundationless Railcar Platform


Sheffield Village, OH – April, 2017 — GREEN Access & Fall Protection, a division of Benko Products, Inc. – a manufacturer and innovator in truck and railcar loading safety equipment - custom designed a foundationless railcar platform to fill a customer’s specifications.

A major terminal operator in Canada came to Benko Products, Inc. looking for a quick and convenient way to access the top of liquid rail cars. They found their solution with the GREEN Access & Fall Protection product line by Benko. This terminal operator wanted to upgrade their safe access and fall protection methods during the unloading of eight liquid rail cars.

Complex Integrated Railcar & Truck Loading System

Originally employees were climbing the side ladders for each of eight rail cars to open the top hatch allowing the rail car to breathe during the unloading process. The company recognized that this practice was not safe for their operators, especially during the cold and snowy Montreal winters.

The solution had to be foundationless to avoid disturbing an existing stone wall. According to site personnel, the stone wall was well over 100 years old. Distributing the wall would have resulted in a lengthy and expensive permit process with no guarantee that they would be able to move forward. Benko Products custom designed a GREEN foundationless railcar platform as the solution. Benko mounted a common stationary platform to a skid with a concrete counterweight securing the station in place.

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